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Mega Wedgie at Hurricane Harbor Chicago

Mega Wedgie

Wedgies aren’t just for kids…

Once you stop giggling about the name, it’s time to get serious for a truly unique slick-sliding experience — the Mega Wedgie! This insane construction is named after a certain phenomenon that occurs when your shorts go where they’re not supposed to. But with a slide this steep and slippery, you’ll probably be more worried about the mental wedgie you’ll receive from this mind-scrambling wet-fest.

Step inside the launching capsule and count to three when the door closes on you. But even with the counts, you’ll be mentally unprepared when the trap-style door drops out beneath you, sending you shooting down a five-story, near-vertical 80-degree drop, at 40 miles per hour. By the time you rush to the finish line, you’ll understand where this soaking attraction got its name.