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Dive Bomber at Hurricane Harbor Chicago

Dive Bomber

Feel the floor fall from underneath you… literally!

What’s more challenging than a five-story free-fall drop? How about dropping when you least expect it? It’s all on Dive Bomber, a high altitude slide experience that will take you to your limit and beyond. As one of the first super-loop slides with a skybox launching capsule in North America, this is an adventure that will require at least one moment of intense courage.

First you’ll have to climb that 50-foot ramp to the top of the tower, which will give you plenty of time to mentally prepare for this mind-warping challenge. As you stand over the top of the slide peering down at the run-out below you, you’ll notice something seems different. That’s because you’re standing on a trapdoor right over the slide, and in one crazy instant, that door will fall open and you will literally fall right through the floor and into the slide. How’s that for a surprise?

After you make it through that challenge, you have to deal with the rest of the action and race your friend to the bottom. You’ll shoot around the bendy, twisty mess of clear tunnels at 40 miles per hour, whipping into the splash at the bottom.