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Buccaneer Bay

A watery wonderland for pirates in training!


Buccaneer Bay is a massive watery playground made for your entire family to splash around in. This enormous playplace is full of all the soggy treats your little swashbucklers will love, but with shallow water so even the smallest fishes will have a safe place to dunk.

Your eyes will be dazzled by brightly colored slides winding out of a central pirate’s treehouse play structure. An enormous bucket sits perched on top, filling up with water and tipping over when it’s full, drenching everyone in its range. It’s like an amazing playground-style kids’ playplace, except in the water! There’s plenty here to climb on and mazes to wander through. There are slippery ladders to climb and giant squirt cannons to fire. Huge spraying bubbling water fountains keep everyone cool on even the hottest days, and there are about a million ways for everyone to get in on the fun.

There are rain curtain waterfalls that are endless fun to stand beneath, and there’s spray jets and squirting water just about everywhere. And most importantly, there’s plenty of room for mom and dad to lounge out and keep a close eye on the little swimmers.