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Guest Safety

Six Flags President and CEO Jim Reid-Anderson

“Safety is the foundation of our brand and livelihood of our industry, and we have every incentive from a reputational, moral and financial perspective to ensure our parks are as safe as they can possibly be.”

Jim Reid-Anderson
President and CEO




Six Flags Employees

At Six Flags, nothing is more important than your safety. It is our absolute highest priority.

Every day, before we open the parks to you and your family, all Six Flags rides and attractions are thoroughly inspected by highly skilled maintenance and operations staff. In addition to these inspections, we also run each ride numerous times, to ensure the ride is operating properly and ready for you to enjoy.

From time to time, a ride may stop before completing its normal cycle with guests on board. While it may look dangerous, and generate media interest, these controlled ride stops are proof that our ride safety systems are working exactly as they should. All of our rides are engineered to stop in a safe location.

Six Flags ride operator and guest

All of our rides have hundreds of sensors constantly measuring and watching every aspect of the ride, similar to the sensors in your car that flash an alert if you’ve forgotten to buckle your seat belt or left one of your car doors open.

The difference is that while you can still drive your car with these alerts on, if a sensor on a ride sends an alert, the ride will automatically be brought to a stop.

Sensors may trigger the ride to safely stop for a variety of reasons – such as bad weather, obstructions or power interruptions.

Six Flags life guard

Most of the time, the computerized system is quickly reset and after a thorough inspection, the ride is ready to resume normal operation. In some rare instances, we may need to escort guests from the ride if we cannot reset the sensor quickly. In the event this should happen, you can rest assured that Six Flags employees are trained to get you safely and efficiently off the ride. But remember, the chance of this happening is very low.

All Six Flags rides and attractions meet and exceed industry standards and all government regulations. We invest the greatest amount of resources into our safety programs. Our goal each day is to ensure that you and your family have a thrilling and safe time while visiting our parks.