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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
School Buses

Physics Day

Fast Track Learning!

Whether it’s for a reward, end-of-year celebration or educational experience, The Great Escape provides the perfect adventure for your class! The extraordinary thrills will provide an unforgettable day of memories for your group and teachers will appreciate the ease of booking the trip and the savings offered by our special school rates.  

Hands-On Fun

In addition to completing an educational workbook, students watch the fundamentals of physics come to life as they become part of the experiment. While measuring data on rides and coasters, students truly enrich their understanding.

Participate in the all-new Egg Drop Competition taking place at one of Hurricane Harbor’s tallest water slides, Tornado! Ask about our in-class physics curriculum and Egg Drop Competition outline. Prizes will be awarded to students with successful project designs. 

Save Big This School Year

  • K-6: $23.99 +Tax
  • 7-12: $27.50 +Tax

Plus, for every 15 tickets you buy, get one free!

For more information or to book your school/class contact James Marra at 518-824-8922 or at [email protected] 


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