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The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
Lake George, New York
Extreme supernova at The Great Escape spinning with teens.

Prom Dress Drive

Donate a Dress, Get Free Admission!

We are joining forces with Becca’s Closet to collect used prom dresses. By donating a formal dress on Saturday, June 2 or Sunday, June 3 you will receive a FREE ticket to park. The ticket is valid for June 2 or June 3 only. Dresses will be collected throughout the entire day at the designated collection table in front of the Main Gate.

Dresses should be in new condition and are welcome in all sizes and styles. We encouraged to bring jewelry, new, sealed makeup and dress shoes to complete the prom attire. All collected formal dresses on June 2 & 3 will be for the 2019 prom season. On average, a prom dress can range from $125.00 up to or over $500.00. In some cases, girls may not be able to afford the cost of these gowns and accessories; Becca’s Closet goes above and beyond to support and ensure teens have a magical prom experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

About Becca's Closet

Becca, a 16 year old cheerleader, honor student, and caring young woman, passed away in a tragic automobile accident on August 20, 2003. Today, her family and friends not only remember Becca for her great love and friendship, but also for her contributions to the community.

In the Spring of her Freshman year at Nova High School in Davie, Florida, Rebecca launched a dress drive to provide prom dresses and accessories to high school girls who could not afford to purchase them. Rebecca was a passionate, bright, fun-loving young woman who loved being with her friends and felt that no one should miss a high school event because they couldn’t afford to be there. She saw the inequity in the situation and sought to change things. During the Spring of her sophomore year, Becca singlehandedly collected and donated over 250 formal dresses and helped hundreds of girls across South Florida attend their High School proms in style.

To keep Becca's dream alive, countless dedicated people throughout the United State have joined forces to provide opportunities for those who seek them. Although the core mission of Becca's Closet was to collect and distribute dresses to high school girls with financial need, their goals have expanded to offer additional opportunities for deserving young people. In the spirit of Becca's visions and aspirations, their foundation raises funds to award post-secondary educational scholarships recognizing the exemplary efforts of young men and women nationwide who demonstrate Becca's spirit of generosity in their own communities.


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June 2 & 3

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