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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York
Family splashing through water at Hurricane Harbor

What's New at the Park in 2019

We're just beginning our most exciting year yet! To celebrate, we're introducing more thrills than ever before with new rides, new foods, and new games throughout the park. Here are only a few of the newest experiences at Six Flags Great Escape in 2019.

Hurricane Harbor Waterpark
This summer, we're debuting a major waterpark expansion. Hurricane Harbor features an extra 14,000 square feet of tropical theming, enhanced dining and retail locations, and two new summertime attractions. Bucket Blasters is an interactive experience, spinning you around in water barrels while you spray water blasters at other riders. Shipwreck Cove will be a giant tidal pool with engaging water activities and elements.

New Menu at Charley's Saloon
We're giving you more dining variety with extra menu items at our famous Charley's Saloon. Enjoy chicken drumsticks smothered in your choice of sriracha, garlic parmesan, or smoky BBQ sauce, with side options like beer-battered fries, mashed potatoes, corn, and a roll. We'll also introduce other new foods throughout the park, including bubblegum Dippin' Dots, veggie rice bowls, and a new snack location.

New Shopping Experience
With the debut of Hurricane Harbor this summer, we're expanding our beachwear store. The newly remodeled gift shop will be the best place to pick up your summertime essentials like stylish swimwear, sandals, water bottles, beach bags, towels, and more.

More Chances to Win All-New Prizes
We're giving you more chances to take home a prize with the introduction of three new games. Step right up to play one of our Mystery Bag games and you're guaranteed to take home what's inside your bag. Test your upper body strength at Beat the Bar and see if you can hang suspended for more than two minutes. Plus, Rio Ring Toss is bigger than ever before with more rings, more bottles, and more chances to win. You may walk away with one of our new stuffed '90s cartoon characters, video game icons, meme and emoji products, or even a seven-foot tall stuffed bear!

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