Project 6 — A Time to Give Back

Each season the employees of The Great Escape designate a Project 6 Day, a time to give back to the community. Project 6, which began in 2009, is a day that our team of employees go out and do various projects such a painting, cleaning, landscaping, filling food boxes and minor repairs. Past locations include St. Margaret’s Center in Albany, Glens Falls YMCA and the Hudson Falls Youth Center.

Last year three common rooms and a courtyard were transformed to give the occupants at St. Margaret's their very own Great Escape. A sensory garden was created for the guests as a new way to experience the outdoors with custom-made wind chimes, and colorful creatures painted and placed throughout the courtyard. Both the kids and teen activity rooms were converted from white walls to the ultimate Great Escape experience.

This year the park is looking to the community to help them find the right project where they can make a difference for a person, family or non-profit organization that has a need that may not have other resources to get that need met. With one day and 30 to 60 Great Escape team members coming together to create change, there is no project too small. If you know of such a need that might be suitable for The Great Escape Project 6 Day, please send us an email with the following information to the Director of Human Resources Trent Sano at [email protected].

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