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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York

Ride Experience

You're the Hero! 

On the New Revolution Virtual Reality experience, you’ll engage in a futuristic battle to save the planet from an alien invasion. You’ll be the co-pilot in your own fighter jet and strap in for air-to-air combat. Your aircraft will take off and launch off the edge of a building – just as you’re diving straight down the coaster’s first drop. Your aircraft races through the city and eventually encounters the mother ship, protected by drones. As you twist and turn along the coaster’s track, you’ll be shooting and destroying the mother ship. You won’t want to miss this first-of-its-kind virtual experience coming this summer.

New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at Steamin' Demon Features: 

  • The climb straight up nearly 95 feet to the top of a towering skyscraper
  • Speeds of 40 miles per hour
  • Twisting and turning through mind-numbing hills and sharp turns
  • Three full inversions: Loop and double corkscrew
  • An exhilarating battle through 1,600 feet of twisted steel track to save all mankind.


Season Pass Exclusive Access

Season Pass Holders will have the opportunity to ride the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster before it opens to the general public this summer. To ensure you have first access to this groundbreaking experience, make sure you have your Great Escape Season Pass today. Not only will you get early access to the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster, you'll enjoy unlimited visits all season, free tickets for friends on select days and hundreds of dollars worth of in-park savings. Get your Season Pass or Membership today!


The Gear VR headsets may not be used by children 12 and under based on manufacturer's guidelines.