The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
Lake George, New York
Screamin’ Eagles
Mega Wedgie
Extreme Supernova
Alpine Bobsled

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From thrilling coasters to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.

Alpine Bobsled
Minimum Height: 42"

Ride an Olympic bobsled down a winding mountain, without the benefit of a track. 


Alpine Freefalls
Minimum Height: 42" Twisted Racer; 48" Cliffhanger

Launch into Cliffhanger, or race through Twisted Racer’s tunnels on this high speed slide complex.

Balloon Race
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Enjoy a great view from your revolving hot air balloon.

Atlantic Panic
Minimum Height: 48"

You’ll be howling like a banshee on this tube slide, with drops that’ll keep you screaming!

Black Cobra
Minimum Height: 42"

Learn the ways of the Cobra on these fast and curvy snake tail slides.


Blizzard Indoors
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

You’ll be blown about by the twirling winds of a blizzard on this delightfully disorienting scrambler.

Water Park Ride - Tube
Minimum Height: 48"

Plummet through a world of blue on a partially-enclosed tube slide, conveniently coiled for maximum twist!

Minimum Height: 48"

Race down a trio of high-speed loops, then boomerang all the way back to the start – backwards.

Minimum Height: TBD

Now Open! Pint-sized pirates playground in Splashwater Kingdom.

Cannonball Express
Minimum Height: 48"

You’ll really feel the music on this rock star spin-out! Now, gravity’s at the top of the charts!

Canyon Blaster
Minimum Height: 42" with adult

The brakes are off on this fast-paced family mine car adventure through the woods of Ghost Town.

Capt'n Hook's Adventure River
Minimum Height: None with adult

Kick back on a raft and float down a relaxing and scenic lazy river.

Minimum Height: 48"

Ride through history on this roller coaster, spanning 4,200-feet of track and nearly 90 years of thrills.

Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Ride on the wings of a wild condor on this high-speed, high-altitude spinner!

Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Little drivers can steer big trucks on a wacky kid-sized highway!

Minimum Height: 42"

Plummet 17 stories through the air at 60 mph for the supreme skydiving experience! Additional fee required.

Desperado Plunge
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Make a splash on this classic flume ride.

Minimum Height: 48"

Take a spin on Extreme Supernova.

Flying Trapeze
Minimum Height: 42"

Swing through the sky just like a circus legend on this spectacular wave swinger.

Frankie’s Mine Train
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Frankie the Fox leads a chase around curves and over a little hill on this family-friendly coaster.

Giant Wheel
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

At 90 feet high, this classic Ferris wheel is the coolest way to take in the town.

Grand Carousel
Minimum Height: None with adult

Step back in time and choose your ride on this restored old time classic carousel, a favorite for all ages.

Not Open Yet

Coming in 2016, this looping coaster will deliver never-ending revolutions and weightless hang time.

Hootie’s Treehouse
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Hootie the Owl is living the sweet life, up in the trees.

Safari Kids Jeep
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

No need to consult a map on these brightly colored jeepsters’ breezy little ride through Kidzopolis.

Kids Ride - Teacups
Minimum Height: 36"

A junior teacup spinner for little party animals. Tea party, that is!

Lumberjack Splash Wave Pool
Minimum Height: None with adult

This phenomenal 500,000 gallon wave pool makes king-sized currents and ocean-sized fun. 

Marshal's Stampede Indoor Bumper Cars
Minimum Height: 48"

No need for brakes as you put your pedal to the metal on this classic, clobbering, bumper car smash-up!

Mega Wedgie
Minimum Height: 48"

Swirl into mega thrills when a 100-foot tunnel shoots you into a high-speed spin around an enormous bowl.

Oakley's Honey Swings
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Feel the buzz of the bee on this tyke-sized swinging chair ride, for a spin as sweet as honey!

Olympiad Grand Prix Go-Carts
Minimum Height: 40" for passenger 58" to drive

Drive in a high-speed race around this classic go-cart speedway. Additional fee required.

Paul Bunyan’s Bucket Brigade
Minimum Height: Must be at least 42” tall to ride slides

Set your little lumberjacks loose on a five-story tree house, with climbing and splashing for young pioneers.

Raging River
Minimum Height: 42" with adult

A family-style whitewater river rafting adventure. 

Ranger Randy’s Railway
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

All aboard a train sized for junior conductors! Tour down a country trail chugs like a cartoon choo-choo.

Rocky’s Ranger Planes
Minimum Height: None. No infants.

Fly old timey planes on this circular tour of Timbertown.

Minimum Height: 48"

Transcend the laws of nature as you power-freefall down or space-launch up an epic two-legged 19 story tower.

Screamin' Eagles
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Fly as high, low, or fast as you choose, when you steer the wing of your own personal eagle!

Kids Ride - Cars
Minimum Height: 36". No infants.

Join Sheldon the Turtle on a kid-speed road race in tiny racecars!

Sky Ride
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Take a roundtrip ski-lift style gondola ride from Fest Area to downtown Storytown and back.

Elevated Bus Ride
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Join Spruce on an up-in-the-air bus tour for tiny tots who want a moose-eye view of Timbertown.

Steamin' Demon
Minimum Height: 48"

The Great Escape’s first looping coaster is a speed-devil that’s been a fan favorite for 25 years.

Storytown Train
Minimum Height: None with adult

Take a sentimental train ride through the history of Storytown, on a real working diesel locomotive.


Swan Boats
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Float like a swan on a scenic and relaxing river boat tour. 

Thunder Alley
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

Drive down a country lane in authentic 1950’s classic cars!

Minimum Height: 48"

Raft down a 132-foot tunnel into the mouth of a gigantic funnel in the most original water thrill imaginable.

Gulf Coast Screamer
Minimum Height: 48"

A cascade of coils makes this partially-enclosed raft slide a winding, pulse-racing winner.

Kids Ride - Plane
Minimum Height: None with adult. No infants.

High-flying adventure awaits pilots-in-training as their planes lift off for spin through the clouds!



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