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The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor
Lake George, New York

New for 2016 at The Great Escape

Test Drive the All-New Looping Coaster, Greezed Lightnin'.

This astonishing seven-story loop delivers incredible weightless hang time like you've never experienced before. On this new adventure, you'll swing back and forth pendulum style up each side of the loop, and then flip completely upside down during a series of stomach-tightening 360-degree looping revolutions.

At any surprising moment, your train will suddenly change directions and send you back around full-speed in reverse. You'll experience one gut-wrenching loop after the next with plenty of adrenaline and suspense. Greezed Lightnin' is located in our historic retro area of the park now known as Hot Rod, USA with a flashy ‘50s theme including lights and flames. This ultimate thrill is now open! 

Dont wait any longer. Take advantage of our Go Fast Pass options where you can get the royal treatment and get on your favorite attractions faster! Purchase your Go Fast Passes in advance online or when you arive at the park at Village Markerplace located in International Village. 

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