The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
Lake George, New York
Alpine Freefalls

Alpine Freefalls

Try Two Incredibly Innovative Ways to Get Down the Mountain!

This mountainous new two-slide complex is so high it might as well be covered with snow. Luckily, you’ll be producing enough adrenaline to heat things up as you plummet down, in one of two utterly unique and innovative ways to slide.

Okay, so you’ve tried the Mega Wedgie and Tornado and you’re ready to go to the next level. Then get ready for Cliffhanger, a high altitude slide experience that will take you to your limit and beyond. At six stories in the air, this is an adventure that will require at least one moment of intense courage.

You’re going to climb into the Proslide Skybox launching capsule, and pretty much blast off into space. Your body gets sealed into the see-through launcher, as you stand precariously on a trap door at your feet. And in one crazy instant, that door will spring open and you will literally fall right through the floor and into the slide. How’s that for a surprise?

After surviving that challenge, now you have to deal with the “six story drop” part of the ride. The free fall is so steep you’ll barely even touch the slide, hurtling down at 35 miles per hour.

And if you want even more speed, may the fastest fish win in a completely fresh spin on high-speed mat racing, Twisted Racer. You’ll race against three of your friends on a head first mat challenge that is only for the swift! Start your ride to glory on the ultimate water slide racetrack with one of four twisting enclosed tubes. You’ll be shot out like a bullet onto the bottom section of the course, a lightning fast ultra-steep hill. How does 25 feet per second sound? We’d like to see a swordfish move that quickly.

Side by side with the competition, it’ll be a tight race to get to the bottom first and claim the title of aquatic champion – though you’ll probably be too busy running back up the mountain again to keep score.

By The Numbers

ProSlide Technology, Inc.

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Water Park Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" minimum for Twisted Racer; 48" minimum for Cliffhanger
Location in Park: 

Splashwater Kingdom

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