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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
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July 4th Fest

July 4th Fest with Six Flags and Coca-Cola!

From July 3 - July 6, Six Flags is the premiere destination to celebrate our country, enjoy the summer and share great times with friends. Independence Day is more than just a holiday, it’s the ultimate American tradition. Coca-Cola July 4th Fest has everything you need for a star-spangled visit: exclusive ride times, fireworks all four nights, festive foods, and more!

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July 4th Features

Coca-Cola July 4th Fest is packed thrills and excitement you can only get at Six Flags! 


Exclusive Ride Time

Coca Cola’s July 4th Fest Exclusive Ride Time will take place from 9:30 - 10:30am each day of 4th Fest, July 3 - July 6 To gain entry to the Exclusive Ride Time, you must bring a Coke product can, Coke product bottle, or Coke product 2 liter bottle for each person AND have paid admission. Paid admission includes a valid Season Pass, Membership, or One Day Ticket. One Coke product required per person. Having a Season Pass or Membership does not automatically get you a wristband. You must still provide an empty or full Coke product. You will exchange your empty or full product at the front gate for a wristband and then proceed with your ticket or Season Pass to the entrance. One Coke product is equal to one wristband. Rides are subject to change without notice. Full/unopened products will be donated.

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Visiting Coca-Cola July 4th Fest is easy when you buy your Tickets, Season Passes or Memberships online!