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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois

February 13, 2018

World’s Largest Loop Coaster Named ‘Mardi Gras Hangover’ plus Mardi Gras Festival

Six Flags Great America, the Thrill Capital of the Midwest, announces the name of their all-new, record-breaking loop coaster. Mardi Gras Hangover, which will open this summer in the Mardi Gras themed area, is sure to catch the attention of Mardi Gras and coaster lovers alike. This world’s largest loop coaster will take riders forward and backward on a gigantic loop before suspending them completely upside down for plenty of adrenalin-pumping hang-time.

In addition to Mardi Gras Hangover, Six Flags Great America will be introducing an all-new Mardi Gras Festival debuting in late summer. The Mardi Gras theme will live on in the most vibrant way possible. Nightly shows, Mardi Gras style floats, beads, stilt walkers, unique food offerings, and fireworks are just some of the incredible elements to the upcoming festival.

“Naming such a unique and record-breaking coaster required out-of-the-box thinking,” said Park President Hank Salemi. “Riders will experience multiple moments of hang-time on Mardi Gras Hangover, with the addition of our Mardi Gras Festival debuting this summer, it was the perfect fit.”

Highlights include:

• World’s largest coaster of its kind;
• 100 feet tall;
• 360 degree revolutions with multiple inversions;
• 32 seats in unique “face-off” design, with guests seated back-to-back and face-to-face;
• Inverted hang-time with riders suspended upside down for extended times; and
• The park’s 16th coaster.

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