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Six Flags Friends is a series of programs throughout the Six Flags family of parks that make a difference in communities by encouraging local involvement, supporting the mission of various non-profit organizations, and bringing the thrill of Six Flags to children and families across North America.

What is the Six Flags Friends Mission Statement?
Establish Six Flags Friends as the pre-eminent community outreach program within the entertainment industry by encouraging and inspiring children and families throughout our parks and their local communities. Through volunteerism, giving programs, special events, and educational and social awareness we weave a wide circle of friends and foster the bonds which make up communities across our nation.

Why was Six Flags Friends created?
Six Flags Entertainment Corporation spans over 14 major markets in North America including Mexico and Montreal and hosts over 30 million Guests each year. With some of the highest coaster landscapes in the world, Six Flags is a neighborhood landmark in many communities, and as a system, the largest regional theme park operator in the world. With over 37,000 employees, Six Flags has the means and manpower to touch the lives of millions of children and families across North America each year. Six Flags Friends was created to merge the intimacy of being a local tradition with the ability to connect communities across our nation by intricately threading a common cause and purpose. Six Flags Friends actively connects people with people while sparking a movement to stand together and make a difference in our communities.

Who Are Our Six Flags Friends?
From hardworking employees to Guests who want to make a difference. From organizations that change lives to Six Flags Friends Ambassadors. Six Flags Friends is quickly weaving a wide circle of friends everywhere.

All 37,000 Six Flags employees are invited to develop, cultivate and participate in local Six Flags Friends programs. Employees have the important task of hand delivering smiles and thrills while championing the missions and causes that are the essence of the Friends program.

Six Flags Friends continually strives to connect people with people while inspiring them to make their mark on the world. It is our Guests that will advocate change in their communities and take the thrill of Six Flags far beyond our gates. It is only through guest participation in events and programs that the Six Flags Friends mission is brought to life.

Six Flags Friends supports the mission of hundreds of local and national organizations each year through ticket donations and the development of unique programs and events. The Friends program exists to further the work of organizations whose mission aligns with our goal of bringing the thrill of Six Flags to families and children across North America. From walk-a-thons to private events, from fundraising to hospital visits, Six Flags Friends is proud to support organizations that are truly making their mark on the world.

Six Flags Friends Ambassadors
A Six Flags Friends Ambassador is someone who displays extraordinary leadership, creativity, passion and knowledge for a chosen cause. Ambassadors are essential to delivering their message while advocating change and creating awareness.

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