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Southwest Territory
It’s time for you to take on the dark coils of Viper—a fast, fun, classic cyclone-style wooden roller coaster with cavernous drops and high-banking turns. This wooden snake rises to 100 feet and slithers down the track at 50 miles per hour. The first drop is a stomach-flipping 10 stories tall with an 80-foot drop with extreme airtime that you’ll need to feel to believe. You’ll seem to stall at the top of the hill, then veer back like a snake ready to strike. Your serpent-like train whips its tail through the 3,458-foot-long distinctive coiling wooden track, with a double dip in the middle, high-banking turns, and eleven stinging drops. With high g-forces throughout, incredible airtime and unpredictable twists and turns, this Viper is one snake that’s ready to strike and tough to tame! Fun Facts about The Viper
  1. The Viper is modeled after the classic Coney Island Cyclone and is constructed of 700,000 board feet of southern pine
  2. The Viper was the only roller coaster ever to be designed and installed directly by Six Flags
  3. The Viper is also the only wooden roller coaster that has ever carried this name
  4. During its first year of operation, Viper was located in Hometown Square
  5. With the opening of Southwest Territory in 1996, Viper was officially made part of Southwest Territory
  6. On May 24, 2013, Six Flags Great America announced that Viper would be one of three coasters running backwards for the first time during 2013 season
  7. The Viper’s Theme is Colonel Peabody’s Snake Oil Elixir Pharmaceutical Factory which was abandoned and overrun with snakes
  8. The Viper was Six Flags Great America’s first single-track wooden roller coaster
  9. The Viper was the 9th coaster at Six Flags Great America
  10. 30,000 man-hours went into building this roller coaster in seven months

Ride Info

Southwest Territory

By the Numbers

55 mph
100 ft
3458 ft
2 min 35 sec
Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.

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