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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
King Chaos
King Chaos

King Chaos

Flip Head-Over-Heels for this King.

This king has only one purpose: to disorient you! This non-traditional pendulum-style spinner is going to make you flip, repeatedly, over its relentless, high altitude turns.

About 40 riders pile on to a giant gondola platform of seats, mounted between two enormous, powerful arms. Those arms are about to haul the entire platform and everyone on it high into the air. The only problem is, the platform you’re all sitting on is attached to the lifts with rotating hinges, and they pivot at will. When the momentum demands it, prepare to hinge forward, down, and around. You’ll flip end-over-end several stomach-churning times.

The platform begins to swing to the left, lifting you high into the air on your back facing upward. Then, without warning, and just like a pendulum, the contraption swings you back in the other direction facing downward. Just as you reach the highest level, the entire platform unexpectedly flips 360 degrees! Next, you swing back to the other side, all the while flipping upside down, around and around! The platform starts to gently swing back and forth again, starting slowly and building up momentum with every sweep, until finally, you’re lifted straight up in the air and held there for several seconds with your whole body dangling upside down.

The flips are utterly unpredictable and because nobody knows when the seats are going to fly into their next 360 flip, just waiting for the next spin is the most nerve-wracking part — or the best part, depending on how you look at it.

Fun Facts about King Chaos

  1. King Chaos is located in the Mardi Gras section of the park 
  2. King Chaos was designed by Huss in Germany
  3. This ride is nearly 2 minutes long
  4. King Chaos is considered a thrill ride even though it is not a coaster
  5. King Chaos’ industry name is Top Spin 

Formerly King Chaos – The performers from one of their star attractions were lost in the Great Last Stop Fire while their trapeze sat dormant most of the summer.

The Last Stop: Burn’em and Buried Circus is in town. A group of clowns who were dismissed for terrorizing and tormenting visitors return to the circus seeking vengeance and igniting mayhem and torture. They have recruited you to perform in this hair raising performance… this may be your final act.

As you are hoisted into the sky you start to feel a shift, a shift towards the ground. This ride takes you up to new heights and just like a trapeze artist, flip you over and over. With all twisting you may just think you are hallucinating that evil laugh next to you… but when you get the courage to open your eyes there may just be an extra visitor from the Burn’em and Buried Circus looking for recruits.

Minimum height for this ride is 54″. Maximum height for this ride is 76″.

What do you think?

King Chaos: Blood Bath
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

76" maximum
Location in Park: 

Mardi Gras


Goes Upside Down