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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Zombie stumbling away from stack of biohazard barrels
Two deranged and bloody patients in Massacre Medical Center
Group of undead construction workers


Fears made reality

You feel something crawl across the back of your neck. Your hand instinctively pulls back to get it off. Your hand touches nothing but flesh, but you were sure something was there. You continue through this dark and dingy corner and out of nowhere feel it again. Grasping the back of your neck quicker now you feel flesh... and a bump.

Your are in the midst of your worst possible nightmare. What's gotten under your skin? Rats scurry across your feet, hissing as they look for something to devour. You begin to hear a buzzing, quiet at first but as you continue your escape attempt it becomes deafening. Out of nowhere bees invade, trapping you, drowning you. Infestation is where your primitive fears live - those of rats, snakes, insects. Be careful or you yourself may become infested!

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Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Southwest Territory

Additional Fee Required

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