Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
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Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is our new record-breaking drop ride that shoots you 41 stories into the sky, then rockets you back to Earth at 90 miles per hour. Pause for a few terrifying moments at the 415-foot peak, then catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers of Philadelpia 52 miles to the south before gravity plunges you back to the ground in less than 10 seconds.  Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is connected to the iconic Kingda Ka — the 456-foot monster that ranks as the world's tallest and fastest coaster in North America.

  • Tallest drop ride in the world
  • 415 feet
  • Up to 90 miles per hour
  • Blast to the top in 30 seconds
  • Drop in less than 10 seconds
  • Three soaring towers built on the face of the record-breaking Kingda Ka coaster
  • Eight-person gondolas with 24 riders per cycle
  • The three gondolas ascend simultaneously but drop independently
  • Taller than London’s Big Ben and twice as tall as Lady Liberty
  • Plummet back to Earth as fast as a female cheetah stalking her prey
  • 5,551 feet of wire rope (cable) equal to 617 jump ropes
  • 2,490 feet of guide rail (track) if laid end-to-end, is taller than the Eiffel Tower stacked on top of the Empire State Building
  • 810 feet of linear magnetic brakes — equal to the height of the Great Sphinx reclining on top of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 62,544 lb. hoist assembly (drum/motor) to bring riders to the top of the tower — equal to the weight of approximately 500 car motors
  • 161 different kinds of bolts and a grand total of 26,502 bolts throughout the entire ride
  • The hoist (drum/winch) mechanism that operates the lift cable is a whopping 17-feet-wide by 9-foot-diameter — the size of a rental moving truck
  • Construction crews added 226,226 lbs. of steel structural reinforcing columns to Kingda Ka to support Zumanjaro – equal to the weight of 32 massive African elephants
  • The name Zumanjaro has African influences
  • Theming is inspired by the Safari Off Road Adventure that transformed Six Flags Great Adventure into the world's largest theme park in 2013

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