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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Group of kids with counselors
Group of kids walking and talking through the park

Autism Day

Special Group Event



Autism Day at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey returns May 8, 2019! 

Custom Education Foundation, Gersh Academy, and their partners are heading to Six Flags Great Adventure for a sensory-friendly day where the park is not open to the public, but open exclusively for individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum, their educators, friends, and families can enjoy the day together. 



$39.99 + tax per person! 


Groups can download and ORDER FORM

Need more info?: [email protected]

Custom Education transforming the park:

  • Designated decompression areas, stocked with sensory-friendly items like iPads, will be set up throughout the park, available only on the event day.
  • Adjustments to the lights and music making it friendlier for the day of the event*
  • Meet your national & local autism community! Learn what support, resources and services are available to you and your family.
  • In addition to Six Flags staff, a limited number of highly trained special education staff from the Gersh Academy will be available throughout the park all day to assist families in whatever they may need.

*Please note that while every attempt has been made to create a sensory-friendly environment, due to the nature of the park some lights and sounds may still be present.


The park will be open exclusively for this fundraising event. As an exclusive event, Season Pass holders and Active Membership holders will need to purchase a ticket for admittance. Only complimentary tickets purchased through the Autism Day group rate will be accept.  All season pass/membership discounts will not be valid on this exclusive day,  All Season Dining Pass will not be valid during this private event, however, All valid 2019 Sport Bottles will be accepted at participating locations.


Rides and Attractions Available with Sensory Levels (Subject to Change)

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis
    • SENSORY HIGH: 4D Motion Ride, Flashing Lights, Hollywood FX (sounds/Visual), Fog, Bumpy Twists, Medium Speed, Moderate Thrill 
    • SENSORY VERY HIGH: Indoor Roller Coaster, Flashing Lights, Dark, Hollywood FX, City/Subway Sounds, 180 Degree Spins, Very Fast, Moderate Thrill
  • BATMAN: The Ride
    • SENSORY MAX: Roller Coaster with Hanging Feet, Gear Sounds, Clicking, Track Sounds, Loud, Quick Spins, Upside Down, Very Fast, Max Thrill 
  • Nitro
    • SENSORY MAX: Roller Coaster, Gear Sounds, Clicking, Track Sounds, Loud, Drops, Spirals, Very Fast, Max Thrill
  • Looney Tunes Seaport Kids Area (Multiple Rides)
    • SENSORY MILD: Kiddie Rides, Mild Thrill, Most Rides Accommodate Most Adults
  • Safari Kids Area (Multiple Rides)
    • SENSORY MILD: Kiddie Rides, Mild Thrill, Most Rides Accommodate Most Adults
  • Skyway
    • SENSORY MILD: Cable Car, Rocking, Medium Speed, Height 104', 8 Minute Ride, Mild Thrill
  • Jolly Roger
    • SENSORY HIGH: Rotating/Spinning, Fast, Circular Motion, Feels Like You Are Being Pushed To One Side, Moderate Thrill 
  • Skull Mountain
    • SENSORY VERY HIGH: Indoor Rollercoaster, Strobe Lights, Pitch Black, FX/Gear Sounds, Clicking, Drops, Twists, Very Fast, Moderate Thrill
  • Fender Benders Bumper Cars
    • SENSORY HIGH: Bumper Cars, Disco/Party Lights, Unpredictable Motion/Collisions, Medium Speed, Moderate Thrill
  • Buccaneer
    • SENSORY MODERATE: Pendulum, Back and Fourth Rocking, Possibly Dizzying, Moderately Fast, Moderate Thrill
  • Deja Vu Scrambler
    • SENSORY HIGH: Spinning/Scrambler, Extreme Spins, Dizzying, Medium Fast, Moderate Thrill 
  • Big Wheel
    • SENSORY MILD: Ferris Wheel, Medium Speed, Very High, Mild Thrill
  • Air Jumbo
    • SENSORY MILD: Rotating Ride, Slow Circles, Controllable Up & Down Motion, Slow, Mild Thrill
  • SkyScreamer
    • SENSORY VERY HIGH: Rotating Chairs/Swing, Fast Rotating, Extreme Height, Max Thrill
  • HARLEY QUINN Crazy Train
    • SENSORY MODERATE: Kids Coaster, Gear Sounds, Clicking, Curves and Drops, Medium Speed, Mild Trill
    • SENSORY VERY HIGH: Haunted Preshow, Flashing Lights, Spinning Walls, FX, Lights, Scary FX, Loud Noises, Sounds and Visuals May trigger Meltdowns, Mild Thrill 
    • SENSORY MAX: Rollercoaster, Gear and Track Sounds, Clicking Loud, Spins, Twists, Drops, Flips Upside-down, Fast, Max Thrill 
    • SENSORY MAX: Standing Rollercoaster, Gear and Track Sounds, Clicking Loud, Quick Flips, Turns, Drops, Corkscrews, Upside-down, Very Fast, Max Thrill
  • SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight
    • SENSORY MAX: Face Down Roller Coaster, Gear and Track Sounds, Clicking Loud, Quick Twists, Drops, Upside-down, Fast, Max Thrill
  • The Twister
    • SENSORY MAX: Flipping Ride, Loud, Gear Sounds, Clicking, Flips, Twists, Unpredictable, Heavy Force, Upside-down, Very Fast, Max Thrill
  • Safari Off Road Adventure
    • SENSORY MODERATE: Safari, Engine Sounds, Animal Smells, Bumpy Motion, Medium Speed, Mild Thrill
  • Edwards Air Force Base: Parachute Training Center
    • SENSORY MODERATE: Family Drop Ride, Very High, Sudden Drop, Moderate Speed, Mild Thrill
  • Great American Road Race - Go Karts (Additional Fee)
    • SENSORY HIGH: Go-Karts, Engine Sounds, Gas and Rubber Smells, Manual Driving Ride, Moderately Fast, Mild Thrill


Loose Article Policy:

Loose articles are not permitted on most rides and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Six Flags and its employees are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, Loose articles include noise-cancelling headphones and assistive technology.

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals:

If you require the use of a stroller or wheelchair, we can help! We offer a limited number of strollers, wheelchairs and electronically controlled vehicles for rent on a first—come, first—served basis. To rent yours, stop over on Main Street next to Guest Relations. Cash or credit card can be used for rentals. Wheelchair rentals are $25 and require a $25 deposit by a credit card, electronic convenience vehicles are $50 and require a $50 deposit by a credit card. Guest must be 18 years old or older to rent an ECV. Guest must be present with their own credit card to make the rental deposit and receive the deposit refund. We cannot reserve ECVs or take credit card information over the phone.


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Special Group Event

May 8, 2019

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