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Top Tips for Parents with Kids

When visiting the park with young children, you need to prepare ahead of time to make sure both you and the child are stress-free and comfortable. Keep in mind the different heights, paces, and energy levels that may affect your visit. However, these tips will help make sure that everyone stays calm and has fun.

1. Have a lost and found plan.
When traveling with a child, you have to be prepared in case the little one wanders off. Before coming to the park, take a quick photo of the child, so you can show Guest Relations what the child looks like and was wearing that day. It will be easier to describe the photo to other employees, who will be on the lookout. Also, write down your phone number and contact information and put it on a card in their pocket. Tell your child if he or she gets separated, find an employee and tell them to call the number on the card so they can reach you. Additionally, point out an easy-to-find location, like the Carousel, to meet up if necessary. Tell your child if he gets lost, to come to the designated location and wait for you to come find him.

2. Stay comfortable.
Make sure you and your child dress appropriately for a day at the park. Bring comfortable walking shoes, a change of clothes, and dress in layers to prepare for unpredictable weather. You should also bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and energized during the day. Rent a locker if you need a place to store your belongings. You can also rent a stroller at Guest Relations so your child’s feet won’t get worn out. Make sure to take brief breaks throughout the day to rest on a bench or catch a show so you don’t get tired too quickly.

3. Plan your day and time.
Take a look at our website before you visit the park so you can have a game plan for the day. Sit down with your child to figure out which rides and shows you’ll both enjoy, and determine how much time you’ll need to accomplish everything. Be sure to plan out your show schedule so you don’t miss any family-friendly shows, and plan to arrive early to each show so you can get good seats where your child’s view won’t be blocked. And don’t forget to meet and take photos with your child’s favorite Looney Tunes character. Planning your day ahead of time will help your visit run more smoothly as you swiftly head from one attraction to the next, so you can spend less time deciding what to do next and more time having fun.

4. Know your ride limitations.
If your child is too short or afraid to ride Nitro with you, don’t force him to ride it. Consider using our Parent Swap program so you can enjoy your rides and still keep the child safe and secure. If your child is a thrill-seeker and does want to go on bigger rides, make sure that he is tall enough to ride before waiting to board. You want to make sure your child has a good time, and making them unhappy will lead to a tense afternoon for everybody. Instead, stick to mild thrills, like the Road Runner Railway or Big Wheel, or any of the kid-friendly rides in Looney Tunes Seaport, Safari Kids, and Bugs Bunny National Park.

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