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7 Things to Try During Spring Break

Open daily March 23 through April 3

Whether you’re craving an adrenaline rush or simply looking to unwind with laughs, you’ll find everything you need for Spring Break at Six Flags Great Adventure. We’ll be open daily March 23 through April 3 so you can celebrate your time off with the best entertainment in Jackson. Be sure to experience these seven activities to make this the best Spring Break ever.

1. Meet your favorite animals
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime exotic wilderness adventure at Safari Off Road Adventure. The animals are all out basking in the springtime weather, and you’ll get the best interactions possible. Your open-air safari vehicle will splash through ponds, climb hills, and venture over rugged terrain to get you up close to 1,200 animals for a wildly unique experience. Safari Off Road Adventure runs express with no stop at Camp Aventura on March 23 & 24.

2. Blast off to summer at 128 miles per hour
Summer will be here soon, and you’ll get there quicker with a mind-numbing launch. Kingda Ka propels you from 0 to 128 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Drop down a record-breaking 456 feet and race through swift twists and spiraling curves faster than you’ve ever imagined.

3. Bring out your inner child
Slow things down and take some time to unwind from fast-paced midterms. Tiny spring breakers and kids-at-heart will enjoy a charming spin around the Carousel. Hop on your favorite hand-carved horse and bob up and down to a gentle melody.

4. Beat the high score at a game booth
Enjoy some friendly competition with your buds as you participate in our skill games. Try to shoot some goals, pop a balloon, knock over a block, or land a ring around a bottle. You’ll have plenty of cool prizes to choose from when you win! Since we’re open for a week and a half, you have plenty of time to practice.

5. Race through one of the most innovative coasters
Recharge your super powers for the rest of the school year on our unique flying coaster. Let your hair down on SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight and soar like your favorite Super Hero. You’ll zoom around winding twists, sail over high-speed curves, and breeze through innovative loops.

6. Join the best tea party around
Enchanted Teacups is the craziest fiesta you’ll ever experience. These oversized teacups are big enough for the entire squad. You’ll spin around all the other rotating riders. If you’re craving more of a rush, grab the center wheel to make your cup whirl faster.

7. Take a fast road trip
Hit the Six Flags speedway this vacation. Buckle into a Go-Kart and leave your homework in the dust as you whoosh off down the road. You’ll zoom around tight turns and rev your engine as you start every new lap. Race your friends to the finish line – loser buys funnel cakes!

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