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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Clowns at Fright Fest

2019 Haunted Maze and Scare Zone Lineup

If you find yourself wandering the park after dark, you'll find 13 unique ways to be scared. Our haunted houses and scare zones are scarier than ever before, featuring new themes, more zombies, and louder screams.

Haunted Mazes – Haunted Maze Pass required.
Step inside one of our haunted mazes to navigate dark rooms, creep around twisted hallways, and escape the wandering zombies.

  1. New location! Aftermath: Hollow-eyed, dead souls roam the pathways of this post-apocalyptic world in search of new brains to feast on. Located in Metropolis.
  2. Reflections of the Dead: Navigate a mirror maze full of terror and trickery. Your sense of direction gets lost and reflections in the glass are not what they seem. Located in Adventure Alley.
  3. Fears: Your worst phobias run the halls of this terror house. This heart-pounding experience is filled with man’s worst fears, including spiders, clowns, darkness, and claustrophobia all in one place. Located in CarnEvil.
  4. Cell Block 6: Travel a dilapidated prison filled with demonic inmates. Pass unruly prisoners trying to escape their bloodstained cells and bump into deranged guards wandering the halls. Located in the Golden Kingdom.
  5. Big Top Terror – Forgotten Carnival in 3D: This twisted carnival of horrors is filled with disorienting black lights, glowing visual effects, and maniacal clowns. If that’s not terrifying enough, you’ll see the terror come to life in 3D. Located in CarnEvil.
  6. The Manor: Navigate an abandoned mansion to find terror in every room. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling, bugs run across the floor, lights flicker on and off, and supernatural figures appear out of nowhere. Located in CarnEvil.
  7. Wicked Woods: This haunted forest is filled with mysterious spirits of the night. Traverse the rustling branches and foggy trees while demons hunt their prey in the darkness. Located in Bone Butcher TerrorTory.
  8. Blood Shed: Enter this bloody barn where experiments go wrong. Explore the scattered limbs and rotting carcasses while mutant half-animal, half-human creatures chase you room to room. Located in Plaza Del Carnaval.


Scare Zones – Free.
Take one wrong turn and you’ll end up in a section of the park filled with fog, strobes, and your worst nightmares.

  1. Lady of the Lake Cemetery: Creep through this abandoned cemetery and try not to awaken the dead sleeping underground. Step over tombs as mysterious ghosts and terrifying grave diggers try to send you six feet under. Located along the Lakefront.
  2. Bone Butcher TerrorTory: Western zombies have taken over this area of the park. The ghostly bandits in tattered bandanas and cowboy hats long to make you the next “wanted” soul. Located in Frontier Adventures.
  3. Demon District: The streets are teeming with human-eating beasts. The green fog is so thick you won’t be able to see the deformed creatures lurking in the shadows. Located in Movietown.
  4. The Bloody Fountain: This colonial zombie city sucks the life out of anyone who gets near it. Fight your way through the hollow-eyed army while mobs of the walking dead search for new brains. Located at Main Street.
  5. CarnEvil: This twisted circus is filled with wicked tricks. Sinister clowns stalk your steps and insane jesters pop out in front of you, dying to show off their crazy antics. Located in Boardwalk.

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