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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth artwork

What's New at the Park in 2019

We're just beginning our most exciting year yet! To celebrate, we're introducing more thrills than ever before with new rides, new foods, and new experiences throughout the park. Here are only a few of the newest experiences at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor in 2019.

The World's Tallest Pendulum
This summer we're debuting a record-breaking new swinging experience. WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth will feature gravity-defying, world-record heights up to 172 feet in the air and spinning speeds up to 75 miles per hour. With your feet dangling below, you'll soar back and forth, higher and higher, while rotating around counterclockwise and experiencing the ultimate feeling of weightlessness.

100,000 Gallon Activity Pool
Hurricane Harbor New Jersey is introducing its largest new attraction in park history. Calypso Springs will be a massive, 100,000-gallon pool with a beach-style entry and an obelisk fountain with spurting geysers. Calypso Springs will also feature an expanded lounge deck with sunbathing chairs and oversized umbrellas, plus a new dining location.

New Asian Cuisine
Our new dining location will offer traditional Asian favorites that have never been at the park before. Chop Six serves up orange chicken, beef & broccoli, and veggie stir fry. You can also enjoy sides like steamed rice, Chow Mein, and Philly cheesesteak egg rolls.

Other Tempting New Menu Items
In addition to Chop Six, our dining menu is getting a lot bigger this year. We're introducing new menu items all around the park, including steak quesadillas, jerk chicken sandwiches, fish and chips, Cobb and Gyro salads, and much more.

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