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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Harry's Corner: Upside Down at Six Flags Great Adventure

How many of these topsy-turvy questions can you correctly answer?

Question #1: What was the first ride at Great Adventure to turn guests upside down?
(Answer: The Enterprise added in 1975)

Question #2: What was the first roller coaster at Great Adventure to turn guests upside down?
(Answer: Lightnin' Loops added in 1978)

Question #3: How many roller coasters at Great Adventure today go upside down?
(Answer: Four - Batman The Ride, Bizarro, Superman Ultimate Flight, and Green Lantern. Soon to be five roller coasters with the addition of El Diablo)

Question #4: Which Great Adventure coaster at the park today has the most inversions?
(Answer: Bizarro with 7 inversions)

Question #5: If you were to ride each of today's roller coasters that go upside down, how many times would you be inverted?
(Answer: 19 (not including El Diablo) - Batman The Ride (x3), Bizarro (x7), Superman Ultimate Flight (x2), and Green Lantern (x5),)

Question #6: How many non-coaster rides turn you upside down today?
(Answer: Two - Twister and Sling Shot)

Question #7: How many non-coaster rides in Great Adventure's history went upside down?
(Answer: Ten - Enterprise, Spin Meister (Enterprise #2), Space Shuttle (Looping Starship), Time Warp, Evolution, Chaos, Twister, Sling Shot (1st version), Turbo Force, and Sling Shot (current model))

Question #8: What was the only roller coaster at Great Adventure to turn riders upside down just one time?
(Answer: ShockWave - the park's first stand-up coaster added in 1990)

Question #9: If you went on every inverting coaster once through the years at Great Adventure, how many times would you have been turned upside down?
(Answer: 46 - Lightnin' Loops (x4), Ultra Twister (x3), Great American Scream Machine (x7), ShockWave (x1), Batman The Ride (x5), Viper (x2), Batman and Robin The Chiller (x10), Bizarro (x7), Superman Ultimate Flight (x2), Green Lantern (x5))

Question #10: Which ride at Great Adventure today appears to have you hanging upside down but in reality you are right side up?
(Answer: Houdini's Great Escape)

So how did you do? Until next time, enjoy the new El Diablo Looping Coaster!


Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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