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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Harry's Corner: Four Seasons of Fun in One Season Pass

Springtime at Great Adventure is always a welcomed time of year as guests anxiously await the chance to shake off their winter doldrums and head outdoors. For many, opening weekend marks the end of winter with the park offering a beautiful escape with its blooming foliage, colorful flower beds, and lush landscaping. For others, it is a chance to once again hop onboard one of their favorite coasters or travel the world on the Safari Off Road Adventure to see many of the park's newborn animals. Throw in the anticipation of the year's upcoming new attractions and the sweet sound of a coaster's clanking lift chain, and many guests get excited knowing an entire season of thrills lie ahead of them. Warmer temperatures and smaller crowds make this time of year a favorite for many guests.

Great Adventure's summer season kicks off around Memorial Day weekend when the theme park gets into full swing with increased hours and additional entertainment like concerts and special events including fireworks on the 4th of July. From taking an early morning lap to tame El Toro, to cooling off with a refreshing mid-day splashdown on the Saw Mill Log Flume, to rocketing towards the stars climbing the tower on a nighttime ride on Kingda Ka, everyone has their own favorite summer traditions. As if the theme park didn't have enough to offer, Hurricane Harbor is also open all summer offering a wide range of aquatic fun including over two dozen unique waterslide runs, a huge wave pool, and a massive children's splash zone. If sun and fun are what you are after, summertime at Great Adventure is the place to be.

As fall approaches the days get shorter, the leaves turn colors, and the temperatures become a little crisper as Six Flags Great Adventure takes on a scare-filled motif when Fright Fest transforms GA into the Northeast's largest Halloween party. From the entrance gates to the furthest corners of the theme park, an extensive list of both family-friendly and teen-terrorizing shows, scare zones, haunted trails, and bone chilling attractions challenge guests to see how brave they really are. It is no wonder that so many guests make autumn and Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure a "must do" visit.

Until now, the benefits of being a Season Pass Holder ended right around Halloween as the curtain came down on the season with the last day of Fright Fest. However, this year the fun continues as the park unveils an entirely new event from mid November through the first weekend of January with Holiday in the Park. For the first time in Great Adventure's history, the theme park will be decorated like never before as they bring together so many of our favorite things we associate with the Holidays including millions of twinkling lights. If that wasn't enough, roller coaster fans and ride aficionados will love the fact that with just a few select exceptions (and weather permitting), their favorite rides can now be ridden right into the new year. It surely looks to be an incredible event and those that call Christmas and the Holidays their favorite time of year will have a new place to celebrate and make Six Flags Great Adventure and Holiday in the Park a new part of their family's Holiday traditions.

No matter what time of year, Six Flags Great Adventure provides a fantastic mix of thrill rides, family fun, and exciting special events and festivals. With the new addition of Holiday in the Park, a Six Flags Great Adventure Season Pass now offers nearly year round entertainment from spring, to summer, to fall, and now winter too. Priced less than just a couple of daily park visits, it is easy to see how a Six Flags Great Adventure Season Pass is an exceptional value which provides four seasons of fun all in one!

Until next time, enjoy the SFGA seasons!


Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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