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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Guests meeting giraffes on a safari adventure

Harry's Corner: Tips for Safari Off Road Adventure

  • The Safari Off Road Adventure is very popular. If you have an opportunity, visit the Safari first thing in the morning when most of the animals are eating or exploring their areas early in the day. A morning visit will also help you avoid a longer wait in the afternoon.
  • Unlike the other rides and roller coasters that remain open until the theme park's closing time, the Safari Off Road Adventure usually closes its queue line early, sometime around 4PM depending upon how many guests are waiting in line, so please plan accordingly. Don't forget, the animals need to be home for dinner!
  • Bring a camera with you, even if it is just your cell phone camera. But be sure to hang on tightly to it and any other loose articles you may have with you as your driver and guide can't retrieve dropped items.
  • If you will be taking pictures, request a row towards the back of your Safari truck. These seats offer a wider range of view and have less obstruction from the driver's cab.
  • Keep in mind that the back seats tend to be the roughest and offer the most "bounce" on the off road segments of your journey. Be sure to hold on!
  • Your Safari guide is a wealth of knowledge and will share tons of interesting animal facts with you and your fellow explorers. The tours can be interactive so if you have a question feel free to ask your guide.
  • Use all your senses during your Safari. Unlike when guests toured the Safari locked behind their car windows, the Safari Off Road Adventure trucks are open-air. This eliminates any barrier between you and the animals giving you a glare free view, the opportunity to hear the animals interacting, and the chance to also smell the local inhabitants. That one sometimes has its downside!
  • Often the animals may get close enough to touch, but you will be instructed not to do so. Don't forget, these are wild animals!
  • Midway through your journey, you will have the chance to exit your truck at Camp Aventura. Even though you may feel you just settled in to your seat and want to explore even further, don't miss getting off at this stop. It offers numerous animal displays including birds, reptiles, smaller animals, and some of the Safari's newborns. You will also have the option to hand feed the giraffes or hop on the Soarin' Eagle zip line for flight over the Safari for a nominal fee. Located at one of the area's highest elevations, Camp Aventura offers some great views of the Safari including a sneak peek of several of the areas that you will be exploring when you get back on your off-road truck for the second half of your adventure.
  • Even if you have been on the Safari Off Road Adventure before, be sure to revisit at different times of the season. You will be amazed at all the "latest additions" in the spring as all the babies come out to play. In the summer, the Safari is alive and thriving as you get to witness all the animals in their lush green natural surroundings. And in the fall, the wonderful colors of autumn serve only to enhance the beauty of the Safari Off Road Adventure.

Have fun going wild and see you in the Safari!


Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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