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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
guests riding rollercoaster

Harry's Corner: A Different Park After Dark

A summertime visit to Six Flags Great Adventure allows guests to stay late in the park as July and August hours often extend to 10 p.m.. Visiting into the evening has its advantages with cooler temperatures at night, smaller crowds, and shorter lines for rides. But don't just expect more of the same thing during those last hours of the day. Night time will add a whole new twist to your adventures.

Through the darkness, miniature lights illuminate many of the rides around the park which draw guests to them like beacons on the horizon. The Buccaneer is adorned with flashing red and white lights and a sign that rivals anything found on the Las Vegas strip. Across from it, the Swashbuckler is covered with yellow lights that create circular glowing streaks that make it look like a spinning top. Elsewhere, the Fender Benders bumper cars, Deja Vu, and Twister rides make use of Thomas Edison's invention to offer riders and onlookers thrilling spectacles to behold.

Several rides feature so many lights that they can be considered night time showpieces. In Adventure Alley, the Big Wheel has thousands of LED lights that cover its 150 foot sides. The continuously changing patterns of the bulbs seem to add an extra dimension of motion as flower petal designs twinkle on and off in the dark sky. Next door, the towering 242 foot SkyScreamer offers a constantly changing light sequence that illuminates its massive tower through every color of the rainbow as well as a brilliant combination of hues. And across the park at the new El Diablo ride, nobody can miss the bright lights and dizzying patterns that frame the ride's signature loop. Even if you don't intend to ride El Diablo, grab a nearby bench and watch its high-energy lighting sequence.

While all the colorful lights found on some attractions make them more impressive, the same can be said from the lack of lights. At some of the park's signature roller coasters, Great Adventure gives guests even more of a reason to be afraid of the dark. As if careening just a few feet over the water on the Runaway Train, or heading into the woods at over 75 mph in an open air seat on Nitro, or shooting straight up aboard the 456 foot Kingda Ka roller coaster wasn't enough, near total darkness will add a whole new layer of excitement that can best be described as memorable. And to top things off, try Bizarro after dusk. If you never noticed the ride's pair of red hot flamethrowers before you surely won't miss them at night!

So whether you stay late from an all day outing or drop in for the last few operating hours, check out the park after dark . A night time visit to Six Flags Great Adventure will allow you to see the entire park in a whole new light.

Until next time, see you after the sun goes down!

Harry - Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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