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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
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Harry's Corner: Coaster Day Trivia

National Coaster Day Trivia

  1. What was the first roller coaster to open at Six Flags Great Adventure?
    (Answer: The Runaway Mine Train opened in July 1974 and still delights guests more than 40 seasons later.)
  2. Children today can experience the pint-sized steel roller coaster Road Runner Railway. What was the name of Great Adventure's first kiddie coaster? 
    (Answer: The Screamer opened in 1976 as part of a new children's area known as Kiddie Kingdom. The ride was later renamed Lil' Thunder when Rolling Thunder opened in 1979 and remained at the park until the end of the 1983 season.)
  3. Great Adventure is home to two indoor roller coasters - Skull Mountain and The Dark Knight Coaster. Which opened first? 
    (Answer: Skull Mountain was the park's first indoor coaster having opened in 1996. The Dark Knight Coaster opened in 2008.)
  4. How many Great Adventure roller coasters have been themed to DC Comics characters? 
    (Answer: There have been six DC Comics themed coasters - Batman The Ride (1993), Batman and Robin The Chiller (1997), Superman Ultimate Flight (2003), The Dark Knight Coaster (2008), Bizarro (2009), and Green Lantern (2011).)
  5. Today's guests can enjoy the thrills of riding the rails of the Green Lantern coaster in a standing position. What was the name of the park's first stand up coaster?
    (Answer: The ShockWave operated from 1990 to 1992.)
  6. For a limited time this summer guests can experience Batman: The Ride with its trains facing backwards. What other coaster temporarily offered backwards seating? 
    (Answer: In 1984, one side of Rolling Thunder reversed its cars and operated as Rednuht Gnillor - Rolling Thunder backwards.)
  7. Great Adventure was the first park to be home to five roller coasters designed by the Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M). What are the five B&M coasters which can all still be found at Great Adventure today? 
    (Answer: The five B&M coasters are Batman The Ride (1993), Medusa - now known as Bizarro (1999), Nitro (2001), Superman Ultimate Flight (2003), and Green Lantern (2011).)
  8. Which of Great Adventure's roller coasters features a train with the largest number of cars? 
    (Answer: Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train features a train with 20 cars.)
  9. The site of El Toro's queue line and station were once home to two other roller coasters. What two coasters were located here? 
    (Answer: The Ultra Twister (1989-1989) and Viper (1995-2005) were both once located on the El Toro site.)
  10. Which Great Adventure coaster had the greatest number of feet of track? 
    (Answer: While Nitro is Great Adventure's longest roller coaster to date at 5394 feet, Rolling Thunder featured the greatest number of feet of track with 6400 feet shared between its dual racing tracks.)

So how did you do? Whether you answered 1 or 10 correctly, don't miss your chance to score some big time thrills with all of the fun and excitement of National Coaster Day at Six Flags Great Adventure. It promises to be a lot of fun with several special events including exclusive ride time to coaster fans. Be sure to check it all out on August 16th!

Happy Coastering everyone!


Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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