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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Harry's Corner: Celebrating America

Question #1. What was the name of the patriotic themed looping roller coaster added to Six Flags Great Adventure in 1989? 
(Answer: Great American Scream Machine (1989-2010))

Question #2. What were the names of the red, white, and blue trains on this roller coaster? 
(Answer: Red (Freedom), White (Liberty), and Blue (Spirit))

Question #3. Six Flags Great Adventure's ticket booths are colonial-era inspired. When where they built? 
(Answers: The ticket booths were added in 1976 as part of the park's celebration of America's Bicentennial.)

Question #4. What was the original name of the Showcase Theatre? 
(Answers: Americana Music Hall (1978-1986))

Question #5. Today, fireworks are launched from the center of the Great Lake. Where were they launched from in the 1970's? 
(Answers: Fireworks were originally launched from the waterway in front of the Fort in Frontier Adventures.)

Question #6. Johnny Rocket's by the main fountain once had a patriotic name. What was it? 
(Answers: Great American Hamburger (1979-2006))

Question #7. What ride at the park today contains the word America? 
(Answers: Great American Road Race go-karts)

Question #8: True or False: The park's entrance once contained fifty flag poles each flying a different flag representing the fifty states of the United States. 
(Answers: True. The entrance section was known as Avenue of the States.)

Question #9. Where could you once find a scale model of the Statue of Liberty and a miniature version of Mount Rushmore at Great Adventure? 
(Answers: Miniature Village Golf (1979-1985))

Question #10. Which attraction added in 1994 paid tribute to the brave pioneers of air and space exploration and featured a simulated flight to break the sound barrier? 
(Answers: The Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure (1994-1998))

Have a great Fourth of July!

Harry - Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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