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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
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Harry's Corner: Book Signing October 2

There is great news for all the fans of Six Flags Great Adventure history and trivia. This Sunday, I, along with my co-author Tom Benton, will be at the park for a book signing event for our newest publication Images of Modern America - Six Flags Great Adventure. Both Tom and I are long time fans of the park and have been visiting since Great Adventure first opened. For years, we have spent endless hours researching its colorful past for our website and in 2009 published our first book on the park, Images of America - Six Flags Great Adventure.

While that first book was great source of information and excellent pictorial representation of the park, our only disappointment was that the photos were all black and white. We quickly hoped to someday do a follow-up edition but this time all in color.

Fast forward to 2015 when we were once again approached by our publisher and our wish was soon to come true with the 2016 release of Images of Modern America - Six Flags Great Adventure. Even if you have read our first book, you will find the new volume packed with unique information and over 100 rarely seen color photos from the park's nearly 45 year history including old time photos, artist renderings, images of scale models, and pictures taken from unique vantage points. IOMA-SFGA presents the park's past in a new perspective with each chapter focused on the various elements which have made up the Great Adventure experience for decades. If the chapter titles sound familiar, they were all used at some point as an advertising slogan for the park.

The first chapter "Come Together" is all about construction - from the initial installations in the early 1970's all the way through to The Joker today. In chapter two entitled "A Heck of a Show," we examine the great and diverse lineup of entertainment we have all enjoyed each season. Next, "A Short Ride from Great Rides" looks at all the thrilling rides that have made SFGA known around the world. In the chapter "So Much to Do, So Close to Home" we recall all the extras the park has offered from unique architectural features like the Super Teepee to special events like Oktoberfest and Holiday in the Park. And finally, "Three Worlds of Adventure" pays homage to the Safari Park and Hurricane Harbor. You will be amazed how the park has evolved and grown since 1974.

So if you have the opportunity to make it out to Six Flags Great Adventure this Sunday, October 2nd, please stop by from 2PM to 4PM near the Main Street Market - the former site of the Antique Cars ride for all you history buffs! The book will be available for purchase at the shop and we would love to see you to share our latest publication and "talk park". We know you too have stories to tell!

Hope to see you there,

Harry Applegate

Six Flags Great Adventure Historian

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