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Six Flags Great Adventure
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Healthy Options - Salad

Fresh and Light Foods at the Park

You’re getting a lot of exercise from walking around the park and burning calories from trembling and screaming on your favorite coaster. Why not keep up the fit routine with a healthy meal? Here are some of the alternative foods you can enjoy while watching what you eat.

Fresh green salads
Best of the West, Mama Flora’s Cucina, Primo’s Pizzeria, and The Great Character Café all serve fresh garden salads. Fill up a bowl of crisp lettuce, add a few ripe tomatoes, juicy cucumbers, shredded carrots, and crunchy croutons, and drizzle on some low-fat vinaigrette dressing. It’s perfect as a snack, meal, or a side!

Light sandwiches
Head to Kingdom Gyro to enjoy a deli selection of gyros, wraps, and Panini sandwiches. The fresh and fit menu includes pita bread, hummus, fresh vegetables, and all your favorite sandwich toppings. Add a side of baked kettle chips or fruit salad to complete your fresh plate.

Traditional cultural cuisine
At Ichiban Tea House, you can order fresh hand-rolled sushi, brewed bubble tea, and other Japanese favorites that are alternatives to classic fried American foods. Oasis Café offers a variety of Kosher-friendly food. And at Panda Express, choose from a variety of Chinese dishes, including light favorites like rice and vegetables.

Grilled chicken and pulled pork
Instead of the crispy fried chicken tenders found all over the park, Best of the West offers grilled chicken sandwiches. Top off your grilled, non-greasy patty with lettuce and tomato on a warm bun for a juicy and mouthwatering meal. You could also settle for shredded pulled pork with a side of baked beans or hearty coleslaw.

Frozen treats
You can still enjoy a cold sweet treat at the park without all the sugar. Frozen yogurt is a delicious substitute to ice cream or funnel cakes. Pick up a cup of frozen yogurt at 6 Below or Cold Stone Limited. Also, instead of filling your Sports Bottle with soda, enjoy refills on freshly-squeezed lemonade or fruit punch so you have the added benefit of fresh fruit and delicious taste.

What are your favorite light foods at the park?

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