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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Dining - Couple Sharing Dessert

Best Activities for Couples at the Park

Six Flags Great Adventure is a great place to spend a day out with your significant other. You can spend quality time together while enjoying a day full of adventurous rides, silly games, delicious treats, and memorable moments. Enjoy these date ideas with your partner at the park.

Cuddle close on the big coasters
When you ride world-class roller coasters, you can feel safe with each other as you brave the beastly drops and rapid twists. Reach out and hold your mate’s hand before you dive down El Toro, scream together as you flip through BATMAN: The Ride, or let your sweetie cling to you in fear as you spiral around Nitro.

Share a delectable dessert
Show your date just how sweet they are with a delicious treat. Split a dreamy ice cream sundae, mouthwatering funnel cake, scrumptious stick of cotton candy, or tasty candy snacks.

Bring out the adventure on our attractions
Take a ride on our adventurous attractions to spice up the relationship and pump up your adrenaline. Impress your significant other with your bravery as you plunge down Dare Devil Dive, enjoy an unpredictable crash on Fender Benders, and blast off into fun with a race around Great American Road Race.

Gallop around the charming carousel
If you’re looking to take it easy or just act silly together, enjoy a romantic ride on our Carousel. The magical lights, beautiful horses, and classical music will brighten up your date’s day and make him or her giddy-up with love.

Play games to win each other prizes
Flatter your crush by winning a huge stuffed animal at one of our midway games. Have some laughs as you play against each other at the ring toss, balloon pop, basketball throw, and any of our skill games to woo your date with a prize.

Enjoy a nighttime view from above
Our slow-moving Big Wheel and Skyway Cable Cars feel magical when you lift into the sky for a stunning view of the park, especially at night with twinkling lights below you and shining stars above you. You can even share a kiss as you sit at the top in your personal enclosed gondola.

Take home a souvenir photo
You’re going to want to make sure you remember this exciting and lovable get-together, so bring home a unique photo memory. Giggle at your hilarious Caricature portrait, see who makes the best coaster face in your ride photo, or dress up like an old saloon couple for an Antique Photo.

How do you enjoy a date at the park?

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