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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Jersey Devil Coaster
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New in 2020 - Jersey Devil Coaster

World's Tallest, Fastest, Longest Single Rail Coaster

Soar single file through the dark and foreboding woods on the world's longest, tallest, fastest single rail coaster. Towering 13 stories and reaching speeds up to 58 mph, riders will straddle the single-rail and experience three intense elements and two inversions over 3,000 feet of track.

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Jersey Devil Coaster

87-Degree First Drop

Ascend a 130-foot lift hill to plummet into the dark woods on a steep 87-degree first drop.

Jersey Devil Coaster

Two Intense Inversions

Experience a 180-degree stall and zero g-roll high above the trees.

Inline Style Trains

Riders sit low and single file with their legs straddling either side of the monorail track.

Three Intense Elements

Three intense elements including the steep 87-degree first drop, raven dive and overbank cutback.

Longest Single Rail Coaster

Soar at speeds up to 58 mph over 3,000 feet of track.

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Take a closer look at Jersey Devil Coaster. Check back in 2020 for more pictures as we begin construction. Click the images below to see a larger version

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