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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Wild Encounters

Let your event get wild! Whether in a classroom setting, a senior center or a club this program is TAILored to you. Have our animals come to you and learn about their characteristics, diets, habitats and more. This program corresponds to NJ Student Learning Standards.


Our programs are geared towards K-8 grades and have lesson plans corresponding with the NJ State Learning Standards.  They are also great for youth and senior centers, camps, Scouts, libraries and more.  Our Fur, Feathers and Scales program is the perfect all around glimpse into the animal world for any event. 

Fur, Feathers and Scales: Learn about the differences among three types of reptiles, two  types of  birds  and  two  types of mammals. Knowledgeable educators will walk around your facility with each animal so  your  participants  can see  the differences up-close with their own eyes! Lesson plans available for grades K-5. 

Behind the Biology: Participants learn  the  importance  of  training  and  how it is used for animal care. Featuring a mammal, reptile and bird, we will highlight operant conditioning and animal husbandry relative to individual species behavior.  Lesson plans available for grades 6—8.

NEW! Wild Encounters Birthday: We bring animlas to you or an extra special birthday! Get an up close look at a reptile, bird, and mammal right in your own home. There is even a special safari related present for the birthday person! You are never too young or too old for this party! Available November-February. 

Customized:  Looking for something in particular?  We got you covered.  Let us know and we can work a program to suit your needs.


We are proud to offer discounts to SDA districts (formerly Abbott districts)

$350.00 plus tax for first program (up to 100 students)
$100.00 for each additional program plus traveling expenses
($1 per mile after 30 miles)

Availability: Year Round


To book your wild encounter print the order form in the 'Plan Your Event' box. Fill out the form completely selecting all applicable package details and payment methods and mail or fax the form to the address or fax number provided. Please call or e-mail to ensure the date you choose is available, prior to returning your order form.

Planning and Additional Questions

For help with planning your event and for additional questions, please contact a planning specialist using the 'E-mail Us' option in the 'Plan Your Event' section or calling the number provided. 

Tips for planning OUR visit to you

  • NJ is a no touch state meaning certain animals are off limits to be touched.  Please follow all the directions given by safari staff when touching animals. 
  • We bring different types of snakes and lizards, parrots, owls, and mammals.  Animals that are coming to your facility/event may vary depending on behavior and wellbeing of the animal and is subject to change. 
  • The start time of your program is up to you.  We try to accommodate your school or event schedule. 
  • Arrival time will be 15-30 minutes prior to program start time.  This will allow the Safari Staff time to set up.
  • We come with cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, food and water for the animals, a folding table and perch that rolls, artifacts, an 8’x8’ display, an 8’x 3’ vertical banner and 3-4 safari programs team members.
  • There will be a lot of animals and items to unload we do have a hand truck.  A preferable entrance would be an area that has no stairs or has a ramp.
  • We ask that teachers assist with any rules or directions that are given by the Safari Programs staff. 
  • We walk around with the animals so when the students arrive for the program, please have a center aisle. 
  • The animals will need to be kept in a behind the scenes area before they are walked around. 
  • It will take 15-30 minutes after the program ends for the break down and packing up.
  • If doing multiple programs, please allow 5-10 minutes in between programs for students to leave and enter. 
  • A safari program team member will remain with the animals at all times, this would include a lunch break when doing multiple programs. 
  • A microphone would be preferable especially in a large area.



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