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Tree branches in front of a full moon

Wicked Woods

Don't say we didn't warn you!

We are sure we're not the first ones to advise you against walking alone in the woods at night. The Wicked Woods got their name from the horrifying stories that take place within their sharp branches. Williams Woods had always been a hot topic of debate in Winston,

Named for Troy Williams who went missing there 50 years ago on a camping trip. His remains were hardly the only ones said to haunt the winding paths of brambles and branches. Through the years the area had become quite the legend, attracting more and more young people to challenge themselves and their friends to survive a night in the woods, something Troy had not done.

The campground had been deserted for years. After Troy mysteriously went missing, they had to shut down due to lack of visitation. The story of the way they'd found Troy: mangled, manipulated and destroyed spread across the newspapers around the state. Cause of death was never determined and no one or nothing was ever caught. 

Every year, it is inevitable that a group of youngsters decides to camp out around Halloween. The fall air, leafless trees and bright moon serve as the best light all year in the otherwise pitch dark woods. Although no one has gone missing again, campers report terrible thumping, groaning and stomping noises, snapping branches and unsettled wildlife on their overnight stays. Some have even emerged with bloody knees and scraped hands, falling in their escape from whatever they claim was chasing them. 

This year is the 50th anniversary of Troy Williams' disappearance. Take caution in the Wicked Woods, whatever got him may be looking to strike again this Halloween season.

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Wicked Woods
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Bone Butcher Terror Tory

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