Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey


Go for an epic-scale spin on this unpredictable up-ender.

This strangely epic-looking behemoth made entirely of rustic wood has only one purpose: to disorient you! Climb onto a classic seated top-spinner, which doesn’t look like any classic you’ve ever seen. Carved from wood, The Twister is both ancient, and sent from the future. Either way, you’re going to flip over its relentless, high altitude spin action.
About 40 riders pile on to a giant gondola platform of seats, mounted between two enormous, powerful arms. Those epic wooden arms will haul the entire platform and everyone on it 50 feet into the air. The only problem is, the platform you’re all sitting on is attached to the lifts with rotating hinges, and they pivot at will. When the momentum demands it, prepare to hinge forward, down, and around. You’ll flip end-over-end seven times, and you’ll take 4 Gs while you’re doing it.
Round and round the enormous arms spin the gondola, and then without warning, whoosh, you’re spun like a pendulum. Spin backwards and forward, suddenly and without warning. The flips are utterly unpredictable and no two rides are ever the same. Because nobody knows when the seats are going to fly into their next 360° flip, just waiting for the next spin is the most nerve-wracking part—or the best part, depending on how you look at it. Big crowds form at The Twister’s base for the ultimate spectator sport, waiting and cheering for those 360s. The anticipation makes for quite a show, unless you’re brave enough to ride—and then you are the show!

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