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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Dark sky with fog and creepy full moon

Total Darkness

Are you afraid of the dark, of total darkness?

Every town has a group of teenagers that seek thrills for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can never leave well-enough alone. It made them popular among the kids at school, but it was only a matter of time before something went wrong.

One afternoon they decided to break in to the old, abandoned house at the top of the hill on the dead-end road on the edge of town. Rumor had it that the old man who lived there had been there for four weeks, dead as a doornail, before he was finally discovered – and now the house was haunted.

This daring group set off on a fall evening, storms lurking, to prove the rumor wrong. However, as soon as they entered the house, the severe storms surfaced and took out the only power plant in the whole county. Just like that, they were in total darkness.

What do you think?

Total Darkness
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