Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

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From thrilling coasters to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.
Smiling family on Air Jumbo
Minimum Height: 48"

Take flight with the most unlikely co-pilots, baby elephants, on this light-hearted float-around.

Air Safari
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

High flying adventure awaits pilots in training as their planes lift off for a rousing roundabout in the air.

BATMAN: The Ride
Minimum Height: 54"

The superhero takes you on a menacing ride of relentless loops and twists.

Big Wheel
Minimum Height: 42"

Ride the enduring classic Ferris wheel.  At 150 feet, this one’s as big as the sky.

Minimum Height: 54"

Dare to defeat the multiple lunatic loops, demented drops, ridiculous rolls, and crazed corkscrews.

Families riding Buccaneer
Minimum Height: 42"

High flying thrills await as the pirate ship Buccaneer sets sail, swing high and low on waves of excitement.

Smiling Child
Minimum Height: None

Gardeners in training will love this gently wavy tour on the back of brightly colored, spotted bug mobiles.

Bugs Bunny Barn Stormer
Temporarily Closed
Minimum Height: 42"

Ride an over-sized antique bi-plane on a gently looping circle in the sky.

Family on Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel
Minimum Height: 36"

Giddy up!  The ponies are ready to ride on this kid-sized carousel, scaled down for little hands and feet.

Bugs Bunny National Park Water Tower
Minimum Height: None

Don’t walk under Bugs Bunny’s leaky water tower unless you want to get drenched!

Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots
Minimum Height: 36"

Fly an old timey bi-plane on this circular tour of Bugs Bunny’s favorite neighborhood!

Minimum Height: 42"

Step back in time and choose your ride on this restored old time classic carousel, a favorite for all ages.

Guests riding Congo Rapids
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Brave the current on the ultimate white-water river rafting experience! 

Daffy's Deep Diver
Minimum Height: None with adult

Daffy Duck leads a submarine tour for tiny sailors. Ride the big sub up and around a gentle undersea course.

Daffy's Hot Air Balloons
Minimum Height: 42"

Whirl through the sky on Daffy Duck’s revolving hot air balloon jamboree.

Dare Devil Dive
Minimum Height: 42"

Plummet 15.5 stories through the air at 60 mph for the ultimate skydiving experience! Additional fee required.

Deja Vu
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

This classic scrambler will spin you so fast you won’t remember if you’re coming or going!

Guests on El Diablo
Minimum Height: 48"

All-new spiraling coaster, now open.

El Toro Roller Coaster
Minimum Height: 48"

Classic architecture meets cutting edge engineering. Has the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the world.

Teens enjoying the Enchanted Teacups
Minimum Height: 42"

This tea party’s out of control on a teacup-style spin-a-rama.  The more you twist, the harder you spin!

Fender Benders bumper cars
Minimum Height: 48" with adult

No need for brakes as you put your pedal to the metal on this classic, clobbering, bumper car smash-up!

Foghorn Leghorn's Stagecoach Express
Minimum Height: 36"

All aboard classic stagecoaches sized for junior frontiersmen, on this colorful tour through the Wild West.

Minimum Height: 54"

Stand up for a good time on record-setting heights, inversions, and drops over 4,155 feet of heroic track!

Guest enjoying go karts
Minimum Height: 40"

You’ll love the thrill of the open road on this classic go-kart speedway. Additional fee required.

Guests riding HARLEY QUINN Crazy Train
Minimum Height: 41" with adult

Family thrills await on this swift and scenic junior roller coaster that races through the hills at 22 mph.

Houdini's Great Escape
Minimum Height: 48"

Don’t get spooked by the ghost of Harry Houdini on this elaborately designed journey into magic.

Jolly Roger
Minimum Height: 48"

An enormous creepy skeleton is your host on a delightfully dizzy—making spin—out.

Jumpin' Joey
Minimum Height: 36"

Jiggle till you giggle on this bouncy tower lift for little kids and big kangaroos!

Top of Kingda Ka coaster
Minimum Height: 54"

Bolt from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds to the top of a 456-foot high track. 

Minimum Height: 54"

Ride a mile of ultra slim, ultra fast track over hyper sized loops and twists, including a 21 story drop.

Parachute Training Center
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Experience the rush of parachuting from a 250-foot tower, without jumping out of an airplane!

Pepe Le Pew's Hearts Aweigh
Minimum Height: 42"

Your little skunks can twirl the day away on Pepe Le Pew’s spinning set of mini—rafts.

Porky Pig's Camp Wagons
Minimum Height: 42"

Take an old west spin on a junior Ferris wheel for little piglets!

Rage of the Gargoyles
Not Open Yet
Minimum Height: 44"; Age 13+

Coming this fall! An all-new virtual reality experience at Skull Mountain.

Smiling Kid
Minimum Height: None

Little legs can take a load off on this scrambler—style rickshaw spinner slowed down to a junior pace.

Road Runner Railway
Minimum Height: 42"

Zoom around curves and plunge over hills on this family friendly coaster suitable for daredevils in training.

Rock Climbing Wall
Minimum Height: 36"

Climb a sheer rock wall with your bare hands on this mountain climbing adventure. Additional fee required.

Runaway Mine Train
Minimum Height: 44"

Take off on this authentic, fast-paced trip to the frontier!

SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
Minimum Height: 54"

Soar the superhero way on this intense flight over utterly innovative loops, twists, and curves at 51mph!

Safari Off Road Adventure
Minimum Height: None with adult

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride through a wilderness of 1,200 wild animals running free.

Family enjoying Safari Tours
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

A caravan of kiddy cars will chauffer your rugged rug rats on a mellow scenic ride around Safari Kids.

Saw Mill Log Flume
Minimum Height: 42"

Saw Mill Log Flume drops you 4 stories down into refreshing water.

Skull Mountain
Temporarily Closed
Minimum Height: 44" with adult

Tunnel into a fully immersive world of cinematic adventure on this all indoor coaster—in total darkness!

Smiling Family
Minimum Height: 42"

Whirl through the sky for a spinning, bird’s eye view of Safari Kids! Twist faster if you dare!

Minimum Height: 44" with adult

Get a bird's eye view on the startlingly tall 242-foot tower in a 40 mph spin around the top of the world.

Skyway Frontier Adventures
Minimum Height: 42"

Ride a classic cable car high over the park, from Frontier Adventures to Lakefront.


Skyway cable cars
Minimum Height: 42"

With these classic cable cars, getting from Lakefront to Frontier Adventures has never been so fun!


Minimum Height: 44"

Become a human slingshot as you are launched 220 feet in the sky! Additional fee required. 

Soaring Eagle zipline
Minimum Height: 42" with adult

Soar high above the trees with this one-of-a-kind zip-line experience. Additional fee required

Splashwater Oasis
Minimum Height: 42"

Wet and wild play area for the little ones to cool off during a hot day at the park!

Guests on Swashbuckler
Minimum Height: 42"

Experience the awesome power of gravity on this standing, revolving, adrenaline rush.

Guests on THE JOKER
Minimum Height: 48 inches

Now Open! On this new free-fly coaster you'll soar in wing cars to the side of the track.

Minimum Height: 42"

Jiggle till you giggle on a zigger that skitters back and forth across a twisty course.

Taz's Tornado
Minimum Height: 42"

Get twisted in knots by this tyke-sized swinging bench ride, for a speedy, spintastic good time.

Minimum Height: 42" with adult

Chase THE JOKER deep underground on GOTHAM’s abandoned subway on this all—indoor steel coaster!

Twister Attraction
Minimum Height: 54"

This gargantuan top spin classic delivers 360 flips at 4Gs, without the courtesy of a warning.

Wile E Coyote Canyon Blaster
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

A circular spin-out for junior road runners and the little coyotes who love them.

Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom
Minimum Height: 48"

A drop from new heights — 415 feet. 



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