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Jackson, New Jersey
Lady walking along the lakefront in fog

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Lady of the Lake Cemetery

Guinevere was a humble young woman who loved to walk along the lake front in the evening. She loved everything about it, the sights, the smells, the sounds and the view of the moon through the mist and the trees. She used it as her time to get away from her large family and dreamed of meeting a man and moving to a big city.

One evening, on her usually quiet walk, she encountered a very handsome man. He introduced himself and asked if he could join her on he walk. She agreed and they walked and talked for hours. Each night, they met at the lake and talked about the futures they imagined and getting out of New Jersey to see the world. After months of their courtship, the young man proposed marriage to Guinevere and she squealed in excitement. Why wait? They decided they would be married in secret the next evening under the full moon along the lake.

The ceremony was beautiful and quiet, just as they planned. However, when the clock struck midnight, something strange began to happen. Guinevere stared in horror as her new husband began to transform into a monster right before her eyes. Could it be that he was the real Jersey Devil? She had heard stories and rumors but never thought it to be true. Now it was all happening so fast and she was so terrified and distraught she turned and ran into the lake to escape the predator. The only problem was that Guinevere could not swim. The Jersey Devil brought her to her demise that night and ever since, her spirit haunts the lake front. In the 200 years since this fateful night, the lake front has been turned into a graveyard. Mourning families looking to honor the dead under the full moon report sightings and eerie happenings throughout the area. Will you brave the walk along the shore that forever belongs to Guinevere?

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Lady of the Lake Cemetery
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