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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Zombie surrounded by green fog in Demon District during Fright Fest

Demon District

The charming cobblestone streets, detailed stonework and pristine landscaping of this once-idyllic town are just a distant memory.

All of the major film studios all packed up and left at the first sign of trouble. The beautiful starlets who once flocked to this place with the hopes of “making it big” packed up their suitcases and hopped the first bus out of town. If they could see it now, they would all be glad they left when they did.

Who can say how it really started? The overcrowding of prisons. Lack of institutional funding. A society that accepts no blame or consequence. Moral decay. Contemplating how such a thing could have happened is probably wasted thought. What matters now is figuring out how to survive the total mayhem, now that it has happened.

The first key is never venturing out after dark. The beautiful streetlamps were replaced by green searchlights and sharp laser beams – they certainly do not provide enough light to see what might be lurking ahead, or behind. Or maybe even above. And the fog enshrouds everything. As if this place wasn’t already creepy enough.

The second key is knowing what to do if you are unfortunate enough to encounter one of them. 

What do you think?

Demon District

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