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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Clowns looking at camera in CarnEvil section during Fright Fest


Creepy clowns have taken over. Watch your back, because they’re known for destroying your fun, and possibly your life.

Lulu loved his job as a clown in the local circus. He enjoyed making the audience smile, and the other performers loved his friendly attitude. When producers decided to cut the budget, the beloved clown was let go. He was responsible for making people laugh, and he didn’t believe people could have fun without him.

Devastated and angry, Lulu craved revenge on anyone still having fun. He was going to prove that the circus would be a complete disaster without his silly antics. During the next nightly performance, Lulu made his move. Just as the sword swallower was finishing his routine, the spotlights flickered and came crashing down to the ground, crushing the performers. The whole tent went pitch dark. A creepy clown laugh came over the sound system and announced that audience members were about to have the “fright of their life.” He used a glow necklace to scope out the area and found that all the circus performers lay dead in a puddle of blood in the center of the venue.

With the clown’s devilish smirk glowing in the light, audience members raced for the exits, only to find that the tent had been tied shut. 

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