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Six Flags Great Adventure
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Jackson, New Jersey
Skeletons sitting in chairs as part of a prop for Fright Fest

Bone Butcher Terror-tory

Zombies have returned from the ground to seek revenge on the living and terrorize those who travel through Frontier Adventures.

Bob was the most loved cowboy in the Old West. However, when he failed to capture the most-wanted criminal in the town, he was locked up in jail and stripped of his honorary title. One day, the sheriff passed Bob’s jail cell and found him hanging from the ceiling. The doctors proclaimed him dead, and he was buried the next day in the western cemetery.

One night, the guard heard a tapping coming from the graveyard. He roamed the area with his flashlight, and the pounding got louder as he approached Bob’s grave. After a few moments, this cowboy zombie sprung from his grave. He was vengeful on all the local townspeople who stripped him of his reputation. With a giant meat cleaver in his band, Bob attacked the security guard, gouging his eyes, tearing off his limbs, and breaking every bone in his body. 

His horrifying acts, prompted townsfolk to refer to him as “Bad Bob the Bone Butcher.” He freed all the undead from their graves, and these western zombies run rampant in Frontier Adventures seeking revenge on all the humans who put them in the ground.

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Bone Butcher Terror-tory

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Frontier Adventures

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