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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Inside of creepy wooden shack with blood and cobwebs

Blood Shed

Mackenzie and her friends were enjoying a camping and hiking trip in the woods when an unexpected storm quickly rolled in on their camp site. Trying to weather it out, the wind gusts picked up, the sky was dark and soon their tents collapsed under the weight of the rain.

With no other choice, the group abandoned the campsite and began to search for sturdy shelter. Between the darkening woods and blinding rain, they took a few wrong turns and soon became hopeless on how they would seek shelter from the storm when suddenly they saw a light in the distance. Running through the rain, they ran into an older woman with a lantern.

“What are you kids doing out in this storm?” The group stared back at the woman, blankly, shocked and confused. “Well why don’t you follow Mama to someplace warm and dry,” the woman said.

Mackenzie and her friends followed the woman to a farm that looked almost abandoned – run down even. The group followed Mama inside and quickly noticed there was something very, very wrong here. Shrieks broke out from the group as they noticed body parts from humans and animals alike, hanging from the ceiling, sitting on the tables and… being attached to each other on a surgical table? As they turned around to try and run, Mama had locked the door. This was no farm… this was a Blood Shed.

What do you think?

Blood Shed
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Plaza Del Carnaval

Additional Fee Required

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