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Fly Like a Bat. We Provide the Wings. 

BATMAN’s Batwing Coaster will show you what it feels like to be BATMAN, on this deeply intense 50-mile-per-hour juggernaut that is definitely not for the timid. Some roller coasters are just built for speed, while others are just built for height—but there’s only one that’s built to fly. Now you’ll experience exactly what the masked crusader feels as he swoops through the skyscrapers of GOTHAM CITY.

You actually start this pure flight experience lying on your back. As you ride up the stunning 115-foot lift hill, enjoy the view of the pretty sky, because in just a moment you’ll be flying through it like a wild bat. The angle is so steep, you can look down on the course, so you’ll get a terrifying sneak preview of the twisted steel route you’ll be coursing over on this super thriller.

Right before you take the first 10-story drop, you’ll whip into a “lie-to-fly” twist and suddenly, you’re airborne. Face down with nothing beneath you, you’re flying now, so raise your hands out in front of you and go full Super Hero. At a thrilling 51 miles per hour, you’ll blast through the drop and bank over a crazy horseshoe curve. Then you’ll flip back into “fly-to-lie” mode, just in time for a 66-foot vertical loop that you’ll take on your back, head first. Starting to understand how a winged-creature maneuvers? Good, because now you’re free to fly through a series of inline twists and a DNA-helix with the grace of a billionaire bat.


By The Numbers

Top Speed
50 mph
11.5 stories
3340 feet
1 minute, 50 seconds
Vekoma International


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