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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey


BATMAN™: The Ride BACKWARDS is a new first-time feature for 2015 season NOW OPEN!  Since its introduction to the park in 1993, BATMAN™: The Ride has been a guest favorite for years and has now transformed into an entirely new thrill. This steel inverted giant will pit you and your friends against 10 story drops, zero-G loops, a double set of corkscrews and 50 mph turns while racing backwards the entire time!


  • Riders are BACKWARDS throughout the entire ride
  • A blood-pumping reverse view as the coaster towers up the 10-story lift hill BACKWARDS
  • Hair-raising speeds of 50 miles per hour BACKWARDS
  • Face a bedlam of corkscrews, twists, turns and high speed inversions BACKWARDS
  • A staggering 2,700 feet of track BACKWARDS
  • Daunting maneuvers through a daunting zero-gravity roll, corkscrew turns and vertical loops BACKWARDS
  • Did we mention you will be going BACKWARDS?


Minimum Height

Location in Park: 



Upgrade Available for this Ride