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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
post-acpacolyptic city


It seemed as though it had been a bad dream.

Calvin slowly rose from the ground, rubbing the knot on his head. Where was he? How had he gotten there? As he stood, he noticed nothing but thick, orange fog swirling around him and steam or smoke rising from buildings in the distance. Where was everyone? It was as though he was in another dimension. Calvin got up and started shuffling down the road. It was crumbling. Sounds started filtering through the orange abyss. The sounds swirled around in his ears. Birds screeching or people screaming? It was not immediately obvious and that made Calvin even more uneasy. 

As he continued walking, he thought he saw a figure approaching him in the distance. The form got closer and he recognized her. Meg, his girlfriend. Now he remembered, before he woke up the last thing he remembered was walking with her, on their way to an anniversary dinner. Meg got closer and something seemed off. He screamed her name and she continued to approach him, but seemed not to hear him. There was foam on the sides of her mouth and her eyes looked blank, empty. Calvin began to back away. This was not his Meg. Suddenly a net fell from the sky, knocking Meg to the ground and trapping her.

Another figure came from the darkness. "Speak," he said. "Hello," Calvin replied. At that, the man grabbed him and brought him to the ground. There had been an accident, he explained. An underground government research facility was compromised and all of their inmates had escaped. Suddenly the world was turned upside down. No one left could be trusted. They may be infected. Calvin and the stranger proceeded into the fast-approaching darkness in search for a place to spend the night.

The next day, if they made it that far, they would embark on a mission to survive the Aftermath.

What do you think?

Location in Park: 

Adventure Seaport

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