Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
BATMAN: The Ride at Spring Break
SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster
Iron Rattler roller coaster
Boomerang coaster

Spring Break

March Madness at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Springtime means that school is still going strong with a continuous flow of homework and stessful tests, however, summer is in the not-too-distant future. Spring Break is a great time to take a quick breath, relax, and catch up with friends and family at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Featuring 11 sweet chances you can experience all the thrills with plenty of options to visit again and again.

Our fantastic family rides are great way to be cool and enjoy the weather, splash down on Bugs' White Water Rapids or the Gully Washer. Don't forget to catch a groovin' show, check out our show schedule on the day of your visit to see a relaxing performacne of catchy songs.

We also have some lessons in physics for you, if you feel up to the challenge, take on SUPERMAN Krypton Coaster and experience speeds up to 70 miles per hour and go upside down on one of the tallest vertical loops in the world! Iron Rattler sits next to the quarry walls, coiled and ready to twist and take riders on a wild ride to experience the awesome combination of wood and steel. Feel the flipping power of magnets as you're flipped head-over-heels up to eight times on BATMAN: The Ride.

On Thursday, March 17, celebrate St. Patrick's Day by riding everything green in the park. How lucky can you be to have such a thrilling Thursday?  

Buy your tickets online now for the best price, or get the best deal and purchase a Membership or Season Pass and come back all season!


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March 9-19



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