Spring Break

Six Flags Fiesta Texas kicks off Spring Break 2014 — the Ultimate Party — March 8-16 and 20-23.

The weather’s starting to heat up and so are the good times as Six Flags launches our annual Spring Break celebration. So no matter when your school gives you some time off for good behavior, grab your friends and head to the park for a first rate education in fun.

Experience Grade A Thrills on the Planet’s Coolest Rides 
Spring Break is the one week of the semester when students from all over the world get together to kick back and relax – but no one said this party has to be chill! Get ready to zoom into spring on the most heart-racing, thrill-inducing speed coasters in the world like the mammoth Goliath. Enjoy exhilarating park favorites such as the SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster and Boomerang. Experience the thrilling Iron Rattler, a unique technological marvel combining a classic wooden support structure with modern track and rails crafted of steel, allowing for unprecedented smooth and swift over-banked turns and inversions never before experienced on either a traditional steel or wooden coaster. Got your little bro or sis along for the day? Treat the little speed demons to the time of their lives on all of their favorite kids’ rides. 

Spring Break Means Fun in the Sun – Six Flags Style
This time of year is famous for sunny weather, great friends and the amazing good times that happen when you combine the two. There’s no better place to make memories, share laughs and take your well-deserved Spring Break than at Six Flags. You can sample your favorite theme park treats like cotton candy and churros, pick up awesome souvenirs from all the cool shops, and even get your picture taken with your favorite Looney Tunes characters. We hear those make great profile pics. Dance at award-winning shows like the classic '50s Rockin' at Rockville High or classic and contemporary country selections in Sundance Theater.

Open Special Hours Every Day of Spring Break
Here’s a pro tip: you don’t even have to be a student to enjoy Spring Break at Six Flags. With special hours every day from March 8-16 and 20-23, everyone is invited to share in the springtime fun. Can’t decide which day to come to the park? If you’ve got a Six Flags SEASON PASS you can come every day. A Season Pass offers unlimited visits and comes with in-park savings on food, games and souvenirs, free tickets for friends and access to exclusive events. 

Your homework can wait. It’s time to get serious – about having fun!



March 8-16 and 20-23



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