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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster

Top 3 Fan Favorite Coasters

Whether you enjoy steep drops, rocket speeds, smooth coasting, or twisted inversions, our guests agree that you’ll experience some of the wildest and most intense coasters at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Take a look at these top three fan favorites that every coaster enthusiast will enjoy.

1. A fierce drop and blood-pumping speeds on SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster.
At 4,025 feet long and 16 stories tall, this beast certainly stands out at the park. Adventurers crave the floorless plunge that nosedives downward at 70 miles per hour, racing around twists, turns, corkscrews, and spirals. Jeremy F. from San Antonio explains, “The awesome design featuring massive drops, quick spins, and an aerial view of the park definitely makes it one of my favorites.” Kacey C. from Bishop says, I really felt like I was flying,” and Derek M. from San Antonio adds, “From the initial drop, it’s full speed and adrenaline!” Alena P. from Austin describes, “The thrill of your life,” and Cori from Laredo agrees, “It feels like you are weightless when you are hanging and dangling in the air. A heart-stopping thrilling ride.” Sean M. from Austin notes, “From the smoothness of the ride to the intense flips, corkscrews, and scenery, it's second to none in terms of intensity and quality.”

2. Gut-wrenching inversions and dramatic twists on Goliath.
This super looping coaster is truly a fan favorite. You’ll hang from the track above, with your feet dangling below, as you take on hairpin turns, vertical loops, winding corkscrews, and a heartline spin—for a total of five inversions. Rachel A. from Houston admits, “Each twist and turn is a new adrenaline rush.” Robert T. from San Antonio says, “Having your feet dangle like that, while being whipped around and upside down just adds to the thrill.” Ally A. from San Antonio notes, “Different twists and turns made it impossible to expect what was coming next,” and Erin G. from San Antonio agrees, “The anticipation of the next corkscrew will get your heart thumping and your mind racing.” Kira S. from Austin shares, “A heart-pounding ride that kept me on edge with every turn,” and Rodney M. from McAllen adds, “The twists and turns keep you coming back for more!”

3. Smooth soaring and unexpected spins on Boomerang.
This extreme ride delivers an amazing experience. Crawl up 20 stories, then plummet into twisting inverted loops and winding corkscrews—and experience it all both forwards and backwards. Alysa from Scottsdale tells us, “It was a perfect mixture of excitement, thrills, and anticipation for what's next. I loved riding backwards and not being able to tell what twists and turns were ahead!” Lauri W. from Houston says, “Never a slow moment. Just when you catch your breath, you do it all again… in reverse!” Alissa B. from Palm Bay adds, “The Boomerang is two exciting rides built into one. A forward-facing ride that flings you one way, and a backwards ride that leaves you with a surprise!” Audrey S. from Converse agrees, “[We] love the anticipation of stopping at the top and waiting for the backwards drop,” and Nicole E. from Magnolia tells us, “Knowing you get to re-live it all again when you go backwards is fantastic.”

What’s your favorite coaster at the park?

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